• The Institute of Financial Consultants is an international organization body for financial professionals.
  • The Institute is multidisciplinary, drawing its members from the related but separate fields of accountancy, insurance, law, funds management, tax and pensions.
  • The Institute is forging a "new" profession that adopts the best features from these related professions and encourages the development of members' qualifications as financial consultants on the basis of their current professional qualifications.
  • IFC Learning Center aims to ensure its members provide competent, ethical and objective financial advice. This is to the advantage of clients and employers, the profession and individual members of the Institute.


  • We offer international standard trainings in Singapore and Indonesia that focus on Business and Valuations aspects of M&A Transactions with a globally recognized certificate.
  • Our trainings are highly interactive, and our practitioner speaker can provide deep insights to be successful at all stages of the M&A process.
  • In IFC Learning Center, the course is specially designed for you who wish to understand the basic anatomy of a model and how to create an effective model for fund-raising activities and business planning.
  • Participants will learn to craft a business story in a model, identify its business levers, and create simple funding requirement projections
  • IFC Learning Center offers an educational program leading to the designation of a Certified Financial Consultant ® (CFC) issued to qualified graduates. The Institute has a growing global presence
  • IFC Learning Center provides education and certification for financial consultants so that members qualified to use the designation Certified Financial Consultant are recognized internationally as trusted financial advisors
  • Our candidates will also gain their Continuous Professional Education (CPE/CPD) Points which they need to maintain their CFC Certifications

“Broaden knowledge of the corporate finance especially in financing activity, investing activity, optimising the capital structure and valuation of the company. Not only theory, but also the real practice in the business, you will get the opportunities to know how the best company do the corporate finance”
I received a lot (of knowledge) within these four days especially in the field of M & A, in terms of how we can appraise a company. In my point of view, it is a quite good program, especially because of the competent teaching staffs and I got to meet many great people from various industries here
The good things about this course is conducted in good condition (lecture room), having experienced lecturers, and delivered in quite understandable English, makes it easy for the local to understand. Overall, I am very satisfied with the teaching and the given materials also gives a detailed overview of what to do to analyze a company's M&A, would be better if more case studies are given in the lessons to familiarize us in facing the impending problems during actual practice
I’m impressed that all of the lecturers are experts. In my case, I have a bit difficulty in understanding the teaching as one of the lecturer was delivering the lesson in Bahasa Indonesia. Overall, however, I’m really satisfied with the teaching as it really helpful for my daily work
Hwang Lee Seok
Manager Korindo Group
I think the course was excellent for someone like me. It's a good combination of academic and practice. Content and presentation by the facilitators was consistently high quality and engaging. Really informative and applicable to daily work. Facilitators responded to questions and were very approachable and competent. Relaxed environment allow all participants to contribute with their own experiences in corporate finance and valuations areas, well balanced composition of participants, which contributed to interested discussions. It was interesting to learn from other participants